BETA 5 - November 2017

Welcome to our next and final beta of SCADE before going live, our Beta 5.
We hopefully listened carefully and brought you the following features:

  • Swift 4 and XCode 9 support - Use the power of Swift 4 on Android and iOS
  • Swift foundation support for Android and iOS. Leverage Swift foundation to build great apps. We currently cover 80% of all functionaliity
  • Animation API. We cleaned up the animation api and provide a powerful animation api that lets you develop great animations without limitations Animation Guide
  • Programmatic UI creation - just use code to program your UI Programmatic UI development
  • IDE improvements, including significantly improved auto completion support. Its faster and smarter now.
  • Android Release compilation mode. Switch between debug and release mode and publish to the Google App Store Android release mode
  • Greatly improved touch event management to handle overlapping events nicely
  • Faster compilation
  • Smaller things: Added latest devices sizes (iPhone 8 and iPhone X), Textbox improvements
  • Better validations in SVG editor
  • Now TestFlight compatible

Please also see the breaking changes documentation: Upgrading your project

Beta4 - July 31st, 2017

Welcome to our next beta release of SCADE, Beta4

Beta3 - May 5th, 2017

Welcome to our next beta release of SCADE, Beta3:

  • Swift 3.1 support for both iOS and Android. You can know use Swift 3.1 to develop all your apps.
  • WebView control support. We added the webView control to display web content in your native Swift iOS or Android app. Please find the documentation here WebView control
  • Memory management improvements. Internally, we improved the memory management.
  • Usability improvements. We automated some tasks that would otherwise cause the developer extra work. For instance, we autoupgrade the SDK if you use a project that is based on an older SCADE SDK. Therefore, no need to switch the workspace folder anymore when installing a new Beta.
  • Various fixes
    • Some fixes to our animation API
    • Some slider control fixes
    • Textbox related fixes in Android
    • Some autocompletion fixes (Code navigation and general errors)