Currently known issues

Installation issues

With Beta2 we incorporated all your feedback, resulting in much improved install experience. Remaining issues are

Next step

Nvidia & Mac OSX Sierra bug. There is a bug with Nvidia graphics card (the java dump reports GeForceAIRPlugin problem)

IDE Crashes

If you have a discrete graphics chip (at least from Nvidia), please switch to the integrated graphics chip, for example use the tool (select the “Integrated only” mode in the drop down menu after launching the tool)

Development & runtime issues


Autocomplete of function parameters not working. Being fixed


While compiling, warning are displayed in red font color instead of orange/yellow, causing the impression that the compilation process failed. Being fixed

Android fails to compile with error message

XCode path with spaces stops Android compilation

We use cmake for Android compilation, but cmake doesn't play nicely with whitespaces. There for you have to make sure that your XCode path has no spaces. See here for more information

Currently known issues